Hello! I'm SOLUS,
one of the MK GROUP's business units.

My MISSION is to provide composites in bonded leather that present themselves as efficient and effective solutions for the industrial market, respecting the environment and human beings.

I have certain VALUES that always guide my performance and that I want to share with you:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Commitment to quality
  • Constant innovation
  • Growth of the human being
  • Social responsibility
  • Preservation of the environment
  • Business ethics

Do you want to know more?

I invite you to watch this video and know a little about our manufacturing structure, production processes, quality control and the care that must be taken with our products.


See where you can use my products

All products can be supplied in various thicknesses and with effects and finishes according to fashion trends.
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For the production of Footwear

I offer different products for various applications, especially the production of soles, insoles, liners, welts and stacked heels.

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For those who produce Artifacts

I supply products with various possibilities of applications in the production of bags, wallets, belts and other accessories.

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For Bookbinding

I can also be used in books, notebooks, moleskine notebooks and various other materials, giving beauty and distinction to the products.

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For the Furniture and Decoration Industry

For the furniture and decoration industry I have products for various applications, such as for seats and backrests, lining and coating, cords and strips. I can supply in various thicknesses and with effects and finishes according to fashion trends.

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I am, NATURALLY, your best choice!

My products are from natural origin, and have finishes that highlight this naturalness. They are the best way to add value to your products, through the design and performance features I offer!

In addition, you also have my Technical Team, which is at your disposal to indicate the best forms of application and develop tailored alternatives to meet your needs.

I want you to know about the basis of my products

I can say that SOLUS products are composites obtained from acrylic and vinyl copolymers with leather fibers. Sounds complicated, doesn't it? But let me explain it better.

Composites are materials formed by a polymeric base reinforced by fibers that physically-chemically aggregate after a cross-linking process, providing the final material with special properties that define their applicability. Separately, the composite constituents have their own characteristics, but when combined, they form a product with different properties from the original.


I'll tell you how I make my products...

The leather shaving and the other constituents are homogenized and pass through a machine, where I produce sheets or continuous material, supplied in reels. Thus, I can obtain products with different thicknesses that can be subjected to various finishing processes, enabling several applications in the footwear and artifact industry as well as for the furniture and decoration and bookbinding industries, among others.

Even though I'm already there at your company, I demand some care...

SOLUS products must be stored in appropriate conditions to ensure their physical and visual characteristics until the moment of their use. Care must also be taken when using it to ensure the characteristics and the expected result.

To make everything well explained, I developed an explanatory material, with all the necessary details for us to have the best result.

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It's so good to be with you!

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